Which type of curtain is best for Your home?

Choosing a curtain has never been an easy task. The area where they are to be put and the kind of space they occupy has to be carefully thought of before one goes in for the best possible option. 

What kind of fabric? What should be the opacity? What is the longevity and the upkeep of the curtains? All these thoughts come to mind while picking curtains. Curtains have always known to add a finishing touch and to complete the look of a room. The lightness and airiness of a room and on some occasions the luxury or regality of a room is often determined by the drapes they host. 

Apart from diversity in design what makes curtains crucial is the material that they are sown in as well. Beautiful embroidered curtain jacquards can make a room instantly luxe whereas pristine cotton sheers add a sense of lightness to the space and make it look larger. 

Here’s a look at the upcoming trends for the season

One of the upcoming trends for spring 2023 in terms of curtains is monotone minimalism. With the flowers in full bloom and the weather just right, it is natural to immerse the room with the same sense of softness and romance. 

Sheer curtains are easy to incorporate in any space, they are basic in design with a sense of design neutrality, they compliment every aesthetic and are also easy to maintain.

A tone on tone embroidery always compliments this aesthetic without being overwhelming or over powering. A simple elegance is achieved with sheers that are unmatched, they let in a lot of light and are great to let the room breathe. 

Another trend which has now converted to a classic is choosing the right kind of fabric. A luxe fabric can speak volumes for the room and transform it into a luxurious space. Trimmings too have become a highlight point of the curtain itself.

Curtain’s Size Variable Solutions:

Size of the windows too matters alot while picking the perfect curtains. It can help you decide how much sunlight you want in the space. For example, a work from home office station is perfect with ample sunlight but a room which contains a television or projector will need thick opaque curtains that block all kinds of sunlight. 

This can also be used in rooms where you require the maximum amount of privacy. Some of these kinds of curtains can also be doubled up as thermal insulation curtains. Keeping the spaces warm during winters and acting as a decor accent at the same time.

Curtain’s Length, Lining & Trims:

Edging of a contrast colour or an interesting frill can add a lot of character to the room without it being overwhelming. Velvets and jacquards are the best when it comes to adding that extra edge to a living room space. However, where personal spaces are concerned, it is better to stick to lighter everyday fabrics that are easier to maintain. 

The beckoning of spring also calls for floral motifs.

Fauna and Flora peppered carefully on sheers can also give curtains an interesting look without having them try too hard. A soft embroidered hummingbird or garden trellis  cascading carefully through the curtains, gives them personality and the room an uplifted feeling without it being too heavy like in the case of using velvets and jacquards. These can be etched around the bottom or sides of a curtain and a little hint of sparkle in the way of pearls or crystals doesn’t hurt either. 

We also love patterned curtains. Why should patterns and texture be limited to the cushions only. The best way to infuse personality and depth to a space is by incorporating patterns into your fabrics. Bold prints, geometric patterns or even delicate florals are all great to add alot of visual intrigue to a room.

Dress Up Your Drapes:

Another trend related to curtains and sheers is that of a pelmet. Pelmets have too made a comeback in the Spring 2023 trends. They add an old world charm to rooms but also help keep the neatness of a space intact.

 They are an interesting and luxurious alternate to the common rod system albeit the latter is easier to maintain. Style, functionality, maintenance, are all to be kept in mind while picking the type of curtain your space deserves.

Keeping in mind the several factors mentioned above, one can easily decide on the different types of curtains to purchase for the different areas of your rooms. Whether it's a living space, bedroom, dining room or a den, curtains look beautiful and add hugely to the utilitarian factor that can help make your space feel like the perfect home.


Which colour curtain is best for House?

The right colour of curtains depends on the look you are going for. If you want to achieve a heavy luxe feel, velvet curtains in deeper jewel tones do the job. If you want to keep the atmosphere light and airy then the best would be to get soft cotton curtains in natural colours like whites.

What color curtains make room look bigger?

Lighter coloured curtains such as in white, beiges and eggshells always make the room look bigger. Opt for airy fabrics like cotton, linen and mulmul for curtains where you want the space to look larger.

Should curtains always touch the floor?

It is not necessary that every set of curtains should touch the floor. Heavy living or drawing room curtains can be floor sweeping. However, if there is a shorter window area those can be adjusted and leveled on the basis of where the widow ends. Bedrooms can have tapered curtains until where the bracket of the window finishes. 


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