What is the easiest way to uplift and space with minimal effort? Cushions have been the preferred accents for spaces for a long time. They are easy to take care of, replace and refresh whenever required with complete ease. Cushions create beautiful living spaces with ease, with minimal effort and add style and vigour to your interiors.

Summer calls for brighter and texturally lighter cushions whereas the lush winters deserve these to be more luxurious with deeper colours and flush frills. Cushions can also really make or break the room, setting the mood right whether it be brightening up a space or adding instant decor in a fuss free and interesting manner. Interiors are an important part of how a person feels around the house and comfort is key while setting the tone for any member of the home.  

Cushions for your home can be anything- experimental, safe, fun, bright or luxe. A few trends in the space continue to rule the roost when it comes to interior design. Here are some listed below that are easy to incorporate.

Try out these beautiful and easy tricks and tips to make your living area ot just a talking point but also where everyone can come together and gather to ensure a good time while being comfortable and creating a gorgeous atmosphere for all to enjoy in.

Tips and Tricks For Your Living Room

1) Colourful Minimalism Cushion :

If you have a minimalist approach to cushion design, pick something that is minimal in colour with a clean base. Monotone cushions also work with this trend. Mirooh has tried to incorporate a minimalist approach in all their cushions across collections.

The classic collection of cushions carries a soft gold logo on an otherwise lush base of textile in deep jewel tones. There is also the Sitara cushion available in multiple colours, this section is great for corners that need a simple boost of colour without any added nuance. 

Cushions that add depth and luxury with the craftsmanship that goes with them, and are also a part of Mirooh’s collection. Mirooh’s Badaamwari collection celebrates minimalism and the cushions are laced with beautiful minimal tone on tone embroidery. A subtle hint of luxury through the cushions comes alive in these pieces. Some pieces also contain the infallible applique techniques that give rise to today’s trend of quiet luxury that has a hint of understated elegance.

Some give an ode to the flora and fauna of the Kashmir region where most of this particular collection is derived from. Cushions for decoration are also a part of the Badaamwari collection but they play a pivotal role in bringing the design idea together with the inspiration of the entire collection through the soft furnishing language of cushions. 

cushion for sofa
cushion for sofa

2)Victorian Velvet Cushion :

A comeback trend in the realm of cushions that we are all enjoying is the return of the English design in its texturally rich and luxurious cushion form. Taking cues from the rich zari embroideries of India and blending them seamlessly with the designs from the English era in all their ethos a beautiful collection of luxury cushions that are enveloped in gold and velvet are born. The dated concept of velvet cushions include colours that are heavy and jewel tones however Mirooh’s collection shuns that notion and gives life to beautiful colours like Tiffany blues, Eggshells and ivory, dusty onion pinks and several hues of gray. These are quintessentially cushions for decoration and to make them a beautiful focal and talking point of any room. They command attention and can really uplift the space with just the sole beauty of their craftsmanship.

Contrast Colourways Cushion :

 The best way to spruce and lift up a space is also to add contrasting colours while doing up a space. Cushions are easy to fill in anywhere and can bring a whole new dimensions to the personality of the space. Colour contrasts work very well while working with cushions and can give a hint of the unexpected to the space which can immediately uplift the mood and the aesthetic of the room. Our Faiza bolster cushion for example is a bright red beauty with soft embroidery that runs through in a gamut of colours. The bright red base instantly uplifts the mood creating a beautiful setting where the cushions make you feel warm and create an inviting space. Cushions are not only purely luxurious or decorative, it is safe to say that cushions are truly transformative in creating the perfect look of the space. 

Mirooh has a beautiful and expansive range of cushions that range from soft linens, applique work cushions and even some intricate zardozi patterns cushions that can suit the needs of every space. Explore them online and call in to know more or customize them as per your space. Our quality fabrics are a mark of years of experience in the field of interiors with soft furnishings playing a very promising part in the same. Trims and embellishments are also carefully sourced after years of traveling and picking the best materials to work with. A tight check on quality while the Mirooh cushions are being crafted marks the dedication to the craft. 

Whether it be a festive feeling that you are trying to evoke or a serene feeling of summer, Mirooh has all the right cushions for you to change your home into a design haven to host with comfort in.


Which cushion is best for sofa?

The best cushion for a sofa depends on personal preference, but generally, square or rectangular-shaped cushions with a soft and comfortable filling like feather or foam are a popular choice. Opt for cushions with removable covers for easy cleaning and choose a size that complements the size of your sofa.

How many cushions should you have on a sofa?

There is no fixed number of cushions that should be on a sofa, as it depends on personal preference and the size of the sofa. However, a common rule of thumb is to use an odd number of cushions, such as three or five, for a balanced and visually pleasing look.

Should sofa cushions be the same color?

It depends on the overall design aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Matching sofa cushions can create a cohesive look, while mixing colors and patterns can add visual interest and texture to your space.

How big should sofa cushions be?

The size of sofa cushions can vary based on personal preference and the size of the sofa, but a common size range is between 18-24 inches in length and width. However, it's essential to ensure that the cushions are proportionate to the size of the sofa and not too small or large.

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