Mirooh prides itself on our research and experience in fabrics, textile & trims. Feather touch velvets and linens are sourced internationally whereas silks are purely woven on the loom by our artisans. Our threads used for embroidery too are hand-dyed yarn in 100% cotton and viscose making it a superior product. Three generations of experience in the textile industry has given us the chance to excel when it comes to implementation of new techniques and craftsmanship. Our strength lies in taking age old traditions and applying them in a novel context that creates a never seen before product. Our hand embroidery artisans have over 21 years of experience which sometimes translates over 29 hours of painstaking dedication to create a single cushion.



We at MiRooh recognize the need to give your space a personalized touch and a bespoke approach. Our success lies in seeing you happy in your space just the way you imagined it. We take special orders to make your textiles just how you like. Upholstery, curtains, cushions and more are available to be customized as per your requirement. Our team of designers will organize a virtual or in-studio visit wherein designs, fabrics and swatches are prepared and presented as per your cue so that your favorite corner is just the way you imagined.



Giving back to the community is a big goal at MiRooh. We aim to work and collaborate with as many artisans and craftsmen across India to uplift the community and ensure their craftsmanship reaches beyond their locale. If you have specialized fabric, designs, raw material like trims & finishing, get in touch with us and we will introduce you to our social entrepreneurship program.