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MiRooh, loosely translated as "my soul," was created out of a deep love for and resurrection of craft and attempts to popularize traditional methods. MiRooh was developed as a tribute to India's rich cultural legacy by designers and textile specialists, with more than 40 years of combined experience. Masterful items that sit opulently in the homes of those with sophisticated taste are the result of the fusion of influences from all around the nation.


Every series emphasizes high quality and distinctive craftsmanship. Each piece is made of gorgeous natural handwoven fabrics that are acquired from all around India; even the yarn is hand-selected and meticulously coloured. We have supplied reputable brands with flawless items all around the world. A milestone victory of success for us is measured in terms of positive impacts on the ecosystem of the community of artisans.

Tradition and technique take center stage with experienced hands that turn the creative into technical with elegant embroideries and delicate patterns. To us, commitment to quality is of paramount importance. Perfection with every piece is our motto and with every piece the caliber of our commitment is solidified. From concept to creation, each collection is carefully researched with references to period, resources, mood boarding and ideating.

Each material is toiled over for hours, and embellishments and lush fabrics are mixed and matched until the essence of the inspiration is duly captured. Minor details like the type of stitch to the way that the piece is crafted and embroidered is considered before each piece is sampled. The collections each come with a Hero piece that is the showstopper, and is considered the epitome of bespoke luxury. Our design team also contextualizes each piece making it relevant for a modern home. 

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Each material is toiled over for hours, and embellishments and lush fabrics are mixed and matched until the essence of the inspiration is truly captured.

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Giving back to the community is a big goal at MiRooh. We aim to work and collaborate with as many artisans and craftsmen across India to uplift the community and ensure their craftsmanship reaches beyond their locale. If you have specialized fabric, designs, raw material like trims & finishing, get in touch with us and we will introduce you to our social entrepreneurship program.


To us collaborators are family! Join the Mirooh ménage and grow with us. If you’ve studied design or have a keen eye for styling or social media write in to collaborate with us. We are always looking for a fresh perspective to keep us on our toes. If you are a content creator, copywriter, stylist, interior designer or anyone with an interest toward what we do, reach out to us so that we can find ways to work together.

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Nostalgia and topophilia are quintessential to MiRooh and the proof is in the way that traditional crafts are endlessly researched and create a story with each collection. The design team finds their inspiration in unexpected places whether it be vintage Serapi carpets, heirloom upholstery or even miniature paintings.


We at MiRooh also dabble with unconventional techniques found in places other than textiles. Taking cue from these patterns, we work on capturing their essence and communicating these effectively through our product design. Several hours of skilled labor weave threads together into captivating patterns, peppered with pearls, beads and other ornamentation that spark a sense of luxury, making each piece truly sophisticated. 


With the sanctity of the technique intact, each piece is a work of art that aims to achieve its pursuit of perfection. The designs are unique and carry the substance of heritage. We aim to transcend our collections’ story into one that can easily be incorporated in your home and become your story to tell.