Bringing Indian heritage to modern homes

Mirooh in its luxury home décor collection, bring homes the desired regality.

Mirooh’s vision is to come up with highest quality Indian hand-crafted products to its customers with an assurance of authenticity. We ensure that we employ premium fabric to create each product with beautiful pinnacle of craftsmanship straight from the hands of experts.

Mirooh has some special embroidered collection of curtains helps you to make a catchy statement! What these curtains does best is to light up a room with a mellow golden glow of sunlight in the day and by evening, these curtains with beautiful design and embroideries can uplift your space, making them truly one-of-a-kind!

Chinar Dawn CurtainChinar Dawn Curtain

Chinar Dawn Curtain

₹. 6,000 INR

Ishtar Gold Curtain

₹. 8,000 INR

Faize Curtain

₹. 8,000 INR

Inaaya Curtain

₹. 6,000 INR

Sumbal Embroidered Curtain

₹. 6,000 INR
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