With our Shazi Collection inspired by Chikankari, we invite you to immerse yourself  in the refined beauty and rich cultural legacy of this ancient craft. Embrace the delicate pastel colors, cherish the intricate motifs and allow yourself to be transported to the graceful city of Lucknow, where artistry and tradition intertwine. The pastel colors add softness and serenity to the home textile where each motif is a reflection of the rich cultural tapestry of Lucknow, evoking a sense of heritage and timeless beauty.
 van beige cushionlais van beige cushion
Sold out

Lais Van Beige Cushion

₹. 2,699 INR
tehni cushion tehni pearl cushion

Tehni Pearl Cushion

₹. 4,199 INR
ivory cushionafreen ivory cushion

Afreen Ivory Cushion

₹. 2,299 INR
olive cushionthirma olive cushion

Thirma Olive Cushion

₹. 2,099 INR
blush cushionhulbagh blush cushion

Hulbagh Blush Cushion

₹. 2,599 INR
Thirma Steel blue CushionThirma Steel blue Cushion

Thirma Steel blue Cushion

₹. 2,099 INR
kafoori ivory white cushionkafoori ivory cushion

Kafoori Ivory Cushion

₹. 4,199 INR
 sanoba buta dusty cushionsanoba buta dusty pink cushion

Sanoba Buta Dusty Pink Cushion

₹. 3,499 INR
izafi stone cushionizafi stone blue cushion

Izafi Stone Blue Cushion

₹. 2,199 INR
tripan paisley dusty  cushiontripan paisley dusty pink cushion

Tripan Paisley Dusty Pink Cushion

₹. 3,199 INR
olive cushiondastoor olive cushion

Dastoor Olive Cushion

₹. 3,299 INR
 dastoor cushiondastoor rose cushion

Dastoor Rose Cushion

₹. 3,299 INR
Dastoor Ivory CushionDastoor Ivory Cushion

Dastoor Ivory Cushion

₹. 2,899 INR
Dastoor Stone Blue CushionDastoor Stone Blue Cushion

Dastoor Stone Blue Cushion

₹. 3,299 INR
ivory cushionneel dori ivory cushion

Neel Dori Ivory Cushion

₹. 2,799 INR
 angoor bela border  cushion ,angoor bela border ivory cushion for chair angoor bela border ivory cushion

Angoor Bela Border Ivory Cushion

₹. 3,999 INR
angoor bela  cushionangoor bela ivory cushion

Angoor Bela Ivory Cushion

₹. 2,999 INR
firoza dori  cushionfiroza dori beige cushion

Firoza Dori Beige Cushion

₹. 2,299 INR
beige cushiontehnai beige cushion

Tehnai Beige Cushion

₹. 1,999 INR
 taupe cushionkarima taupe cushion

Karima Taupe Cushion

₹. 3,299 INR
 white cushionnumaish white cushion
Sold out

Numaish White Cushion

₹. 2,999 INR
numaish steel  cushionnumaish steel blue cushion

Numaish Steel Blue Cushion

₹. 2,999 INR
ashia beige napkin

Ashia Beige Napkin (Set of 4)

₹. 2,399 INR
ashia beige placemat

Ashia Beige Placemat (Set of 2)

₹. 2,199 INR
ashia beige runner

Ashia Beige Runner

₹. 2,699 INR
angoor bela ivory napkin

Angoor Bela Ivory Napkin (Set of 4)

₹. 2,199 INR
angoor bela ivory runner

Angoor Bela Ivory Runner

₹. 4,199 INR
angoor bela ivory placemat set of 2

Angoor Bela Ivory Placemat (Set of 2)

₹. 2,799 INR

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