Curtains as a Statement Piece: Ideas for Inspiration

Can curtains make an impact on spaces? Can one view a space or manipulate the idea of the space using sheer fabric? These questions are what we aim to explore today in the world of curtains and spatial design. There is a need to spruce up spaces without a major overhaul, this can easily be introduced by changing soft furnishings of a room around. 

A room can really make a statement via its colours, fabric choices, home decor trend incorporation among others. Curtains and curtain accessories are all the rage when it comes to easy upliftment of the aesthetics of a room done in an easy and fuss free manner. They also help define which genre the room will set, would it be an airy summer solstice celebration or something with more gravitas like heavy embroidery to take it up a notch with luxury. 

Bold Prints and Colors: How to Make a Statement with Your Curtains

No matter which aesthetic you lean more toward, there is surely a way to make curtains the focal point of a room where you can make a statement. Windows are a defining factor in setting the mood of a room. How much light goes in and what purpose does it serve being central to each mood setting for the room. Colours are a big part of what defines the room, bold patterns & colours make a statement and can really uplift an otherwise muted room. Plain coloured curtains are also great for a room where one needs a chic, minimal and ethereal vibe. When it comes to making a statement, boldness can not only come from colour but also from patterns & prints that make heads turn. Strong embroideries in pigmented tones are really effective while making a statement with curtains. If the overall look of the room is muted and in earth tones, picking a bold texture or curtains for the windows or the home are exactly what the decor would need. Matching cushions with some such space would also be a good compliment to the space. If an overall look seems like a big commitment then pick a single bold colour with no embroideries and patterns to fit the room. Spaces that have less light in them, should consider keeping the curtains in the room light with a pastel with applique or embroidery curtains design. When a room has too much light, it is not wise to have a very bold colour as that tends to overpower the entirety of the room. 

 Curtains for living room

Using Curtains to Define a Space: Ideas for Open Floor Plans

While they may be hard to decorate, curtains used in an open floor plan set up are a huge trend. However, if designed right, curtains can be the master piece of each space helping add dimension, privacy, and a decor element.

For open floor plans, custom made curtains are always the solution. A successful division of rooms caused by curtains is the best done between a living and dining room space. It is a great alternative to a concrete structure or an old school divider that is cumbersome to move and clean.

Curtain rods also come in a plethora of designs, styles and utilities. A great way to also create a home office, studio or any other private space with it still retaining its elegance. Thick curtains can also help block out extraneous noise and create a private sanctuary. Patterned curtains with intricate details coupled with curtain rods and curtain accessories look beautiful to add intricate visual interest along. Keeping in mind what purpose the space serves, a few things should be kept in mind regardless of what area one is doing up in the home. 

Length of the curtains are a great way to also divide rooms, longer curtains create a more prominent division whereas shorter curtains only soft change the room and create a false illusion of division while letting one revel in the vastness of the room.

Curtains for living room

Hanging Curtains to Add Drama: A Guide to High-Impact Window Treatments

A decorative road, curtain accessories like thick velvet tie-backs all make the bearings of a high impact dramatic window treatment. It is a beautiful way to speak to the room with minimal effort. As mentioned previously, a great way to also add drama is via the fabric choices in picking the curtains.

A thick velvet curtain  that cascades effortlessly through the floor is paramount when it comes to creating an atmosphere of luxury and drama. The higher the curtains the more impact they always tend to have. Fabric colours too follow suit when picking the element of flair in a space. 

Dark hues or jewel tones curtains always add richness to the room whereas linens and cotton curtains etc don't add drama but rather airiness to the space. This coupled with a vintage inspired decorative rod is great to add an element of drama. Thick silk or velvet tassels are also all the rage and can add an element of panache to the windows. 

These apply mostly to the living area or common entertainment areas of the home. If done in the bedroom they may not necessarily add to the coziness of the space and instead make it stuffy and problematic.


Q: How can curtains be used as a statement piece? 

When one wants an easy update to the room that doesn't require a large investment, curtain styling is the way to go. From changing light fixture to also updating wallpaper, there are several ways to uplift a space and make a statement but the easiest is to use curtains. Pick a bold colour for the curtains to make the room stand out. Couple this bold colour with a strong applique or pattern where you can make a strong statement and uplift the entire facade of the room. 

Q: Are there any specific color schemes that work well for statement curtains? 

Bold colours always do the trick while incorporating a focal point in any room. One neutral accented with one bold colour also works well for the faint hearted. If one wants to add just a hint of colour then go bold with the shapes and patterns on the curtain itself. Layers also add a robust dimension to the statement and contrast colours used here work very well.

Q: Do statement curtains work better in modern or traditional decor? 

Statement curtains are both malleable to a modern or a rather traditional household. It is best to see the type of curtain you are using to create a statement to see if it fits the given aesthetic. For example a layered look in bold colours but with heavier fabrics like velvet work better with a traditional set up whereas, a modern setting expects a slightly more playful take like bold patterns and embroidery technique but with lighter fabrics like cottons & linens. 

Q: Can statement curtains be combined with other window treatments? 

Statement curtains are best when they stand alone however a nice decorative curtain rod or a few curtain accessories like tassel pullback can be combined without making the overall look too overwhelming.